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The basic objective of development process signifies the socio-economic amelioration of the community and resurgence of cultural ethos of the area. Identification of veritable needs of the community in general and people in particular, making succinct and in depth analysis of the missing link, and quantification of the requirement of funds and above all to   address the gap by providing required funds are the epitome of good governance.
Enriched with indelible legacy and embellished with rich cultural vitality, the WODC area registered tremendous progress with the allocation of funds of Government regulated through WODC in creating infrastructure and providing greater stimuli in Irrigation, Agriculture,Education,Health and Communication Sector. Sustained efforts are being made for optimum utilization of available resources and for securing the larger interest of the largest section of the society. The Council is committed to reinvigorate our machinery to vitalize the interest of the people of WODC area.

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