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The Council comprises of 26 members including the Chairman. The Chief   Executive Officer (CEO) WODC is the Member Secretary of the Council. Two    Members of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and  Eleven Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) elected partly or wholly from the Council areas are nominated by           Government on rotational basis for a term of two years. Ten experts are nominated by Government  for time to time having excellence in the field of Planning, Finance & Accounts, Public Administration, Social Service, Education, Agriculture,         Industries, irrigation, Public Health, Forestry, Mining, Public works, Employment or Management of people‚Äôs problem. Revenue Divisional Commissioner of major area coming under the Council i.e. RDC (ND), Sambalpur is also a Member of the Council. At present there are nine expert members in the Council. After the end of term of Dr. P.K. Chaulia, Expert Member, no expert member has yet been       nominated in his place.
Members of Council
Sl. No. Name Designation Notification No & Date Tenure started Tenure to be completed
1 Shri Asit Tripathy Chairman 13356/P Dt.25.12.2020 11.01.2021  
2 Vacant Member      
3 Vacant Member      
4 Vacant Member      
5 Vacant Member      
6 Vacant Member      
7 Vacant Member      
8 Vacant Member      
9 Vacant Member      
10 Vacant Member      
11 Vacant Member      
12 Vacant Member      
13 Vacant Member      
14 Vacant Member      
15 Shri Pushpendra Singhdeo Expert Member No.9086/P Dt.19.08.2019 19.08.2019 18.08.2024
16 Vacant Expert Member      
17 Vacant Expert Member      
18 Vacant Expert Member      
19 Vacant Expert Member      
20 Vacant Expert Member      
21 Vacant Expert Member      
22 Vacant Expert Member      
23 Vacant  Expert Member      
24 Vacant Expert Member      
25 Revenue Divisional Commissioner (ND) Sambalpur Member      
26 Chief Executive Officer, WODC  Member Secretary      
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